At Gahagan Law, we understand the role of education in our society. The depth and quality of one’s education—especially in the early years—is a strong predictor of a lifetime of positive outcomes.  We appreciate the importance of every student receiving an enriching, appropriate education, and we are committed to ensuring that all students can fully access their education.  

    We serve students, families, and educators throughout North Carolina with offices located near Raleigh and Charlotte.  In our practice, we assist students (and their families) to overcome unnecessary administrative barriers, receive the services they need under the IDEA and Section 504, confront bullying issues under Section 504 and sexual harassment under Title IX, and rectify procedural errors.    

    We value dedicated educators and insist they receive the due process protections to which they are entitled and are not the victims of illegal discrimination and harassment.  

    Every educational system, regardless of its size, is comprised of individuals with unique needs: We believe in and advocate for these individuals.